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There is a $20 waiting list fee per child.

To download a waiting list form please choose a format below, fill in the relevant sections, print it and return a paper copy to our centre:

Waiting_list application doc            Waiting list_application pdf

Priority for allocating places in child care services

Every approved child care service has to abide by the guidelines and tell you about them when you enrol your child into care.


First Priority: a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect;

Second Priority: a child of a single parent parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under section 14 of the ‘A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999’ ;

Third Priority: any other child. Kids in the Sky gives priority to siblings of enrolled children within this category.

A child care service may require a Priority 3 child to vacate a place to make room for a child with a higher priority. They can only do so if you:

– are notified when your child first entered care that your service follows this policy;

– are given at least 14 days notice of the need for your child to vacate.

Reference: Australian Government, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations website August 2011.



Daily fees are $99.00 per day, per child.

An enrolment fee of 2 weeks of full fees as a bond per child is to be paid before your child commences at the Centre, this is refundable when your child ceases care, or is used to pay outstanding fees.

late fees
If your child is collected from the Centre after 6:00pm, you will be charged a late fee which is $15.00 within the first 10 minutes. After 6:10pm it is then $1.50 per minute. This will be added onto your account.


Attendance and Absence

Once a child is enrolled at the Centre, payment of fees must be continued during the child’s absence for illness, holidays, etc. When a child is absent for any reason we must be notified. The Centre is open for fifty weeks per year; the only period during which we are closed is Public Holidays (no charge) and two weeks at Christmas (no charge). Dates will be advised.


Notice of Withdrawal

It is our policy that parents must give 4 (four) weeks written (28 days) notice before they withdraw from the Centre. If notice is not given, 4 weeks of fees will be added onto your account, monies will be retrieved from bond fees paid in advance at enrolment.

At the time of cancellation, up to an eight week period may elapse before families receive any bonds owed to them. The Centre will ensure families accounts are reconciled with the Family Assistance Office prior to refunds being forwarded. Refunds are forwarded via direct deposit.