Your Child's Educators

At Kids in the Sky, we always have at least 2 educators in your child’s room, this means whether morning or afternoon, you will always be able to speak with a friendly teacher who has shared the day with your child and can tell you all about the fun education they had.

All educators are experienced and highly motivated, loving, and caring with a passion for your child’s learning and development.

A diverse range of accredited seminars and short courses are regularly attended by each educator ranging from Occupational Health & Safety to Early Child Development and Various Educational Methods to keep all educators properly trained and aware of the role they have in your child’s life.

All educators have their Senior First Aid Certificates, asthma and anaphylaxis training and working with children checks completed. Educators attend monthly staff meetings.

What can you expect from educators?

  • Educators communicate effectively with families.
  • Educators inform families promptly and sensitively of any out of the ordinary incidents affecting their child.
  • Educators share with children’s families some of the specific interactions they shared with the children during the day.
  • Information on children’s eating and sleeping patterns at the centre will be provided to families through verbal communication and through the room’s sign-in sheet.
  • When families and educators make joint decisions that affect children’s progress, interests and experiences, a record will be recorded in the appropriate form. (There may include new events like toilet training).
  • Educators encourage all aspects of community input and or involvement in our daily activities and learning.


Please feel free at any time in person, by phone or email to discuss your child’s progress, relationship, interest and experiences.